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To order please email me at                                               
 All frames are Handmade by Me- John Hoskins. I always try to make my frames lifesize using AKC guidelines when making dogs. Frames are made from sturdy galvanized stucco netting, the kind they build houses with, and reinforced with thicker gauge wire to be sturdy. They include stakes.           SEE VIDEOS ON MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL

TO ORDER Email me at - List the Frames you are interested in, any specifics (such as cropped ears, etc.). I will get back with you quickly.
You may either mail payment, check or money order,Or, I take paypal if you want to pay with a credit card. Just email me with your order and I will send you a paypal invoice.
postage costs are included for orders in continental US. for all others email for price.

 I make the frames as they are ordered, the wait time varies.  I will send you an email when I receive your payment and again when I am mailing your frame.
 If you need your frame by a certain date then order early.


Instructions for Planting

 1-buy plants at a local nursery. Make sure they will grow tall enough and have small leaves.

 2- Place frame where you want it.

 3- Dig holes at each foot, work the plants into the frame as you fill in hole.

 Do 2 legs, one side, at a time, wrap branches with string if needed, then cut and remove string. Stake the frame down in case of wind.

 4-Use the frame as a guide when trimming.

 5-Have Patience

Some recommended plants to use:

Boxwood-cold or warm climate
Dwarf Myrtle-warm climate

If you chose to use this method be aware that the moss is expensive, it is difficult
to work with, it will turn brown over time and plants growing in the moss will dry out fast.
If you want it stuffed with moss - which is instantly pretty. You would want to paint the frame green or brown. Dried Moss is available at  nurseries. Wear a mask when you work with the moss, it has lots of little particles you don't want to breathe, you should also wear thin gloves, to protect your hands. You can dampen the moss first if you want' then stuff it.
Pack it in all around through the little holes, (or if the frame is in two pieces, you can stuff it mostly first) a hand full at a time - then trim the moss with scissors. You can use heavy duty thread to wrap thin areas like the tail or ears to help hold the moss in. Then, plant a plant in the "ground" and have the plant grow up the outside of the frame and pin it around as it grows. Then trim it as needed. The moss will eventually turn brown and shrink. You can buy a bag of moss a touch it up each spring to keep it looking good.

You can also plant directly into the mossed frame, push your finger through  to make a small hole to pour potting soil in, plant ivy or creeping fig or some ground cover in the hole.
Use a water soluable light fertilizer occasionally. It will do well this way for at least a season....
I can stuff any frame with moss  for an additional charge.  

Some recommended plants to Use:

miniature ivy
creeping fig
ground cover

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