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Other Animal Frames
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Alpaca 4 feet tall-$180.            Cat Standing-$65.                   Cat Sitting-$50.             2 pieces
Elephant 3 feet long-$170.         Dragon 5 feet Long-$260.      Giraffe 4 feet tall-$180. 
                                                2 pieces                            2 pieces
Pig 12 inches tall-$75.               Hand 2 feet tall-$120.    Horse 4 feet tall-$175. 2pieces
Rabbit hopping-$75.                Ram 40 inches tall-$180   Sea Serpant 2 feet tall-$185.                                                       2 pieces                         3 pieces
Teddy Bear 18 in. tall-$70.   Squirrel 17 in. tall-$70.             Rabbit 25 in. tall-$65.
Fox 30 in. long-$110.  Fox mossed-$150.    Lamb 30 in. tall-$180.   Swan 2 ft.tall-$75. 2 pieces                      2 pieces                   2 pieces
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