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Buyers Feedback


Just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful topiary. The cairn terrier is just perfect! I really appreciate your work on this, and it was truly a wonderful gift.
Thanks again and happy holidays!

Thank you so much for the update. I just love the lamb that I got from you, so I am sure I will be happy with the rabbits.

Thanks again,


Just wanted to tell you thank you and that I love it! It was so cute how both my
two Wheatens went up to it and sniffed! So funny!
I am attending the biggest Terrier Show in our area this weekend! I can't wait
to show all my friends! I already posted pics on Facebook!
Thanks again, I can't express how happy I am!

I have purchased the Standard, 2 Miniature and a Toy poodle frame from you and very pleased with them all, everyone says what a lovely shape they are.
 Best regards Pauline

The Airedale topiary is better than I expected. You really know your dog conformation.  We haven’t decided where we will mount him yet as he is standing on our front entry so very regal.
My husband was quite impressed with your work.  Please keep me posted when/if you attempt a Chinese Crested.
Thank you.

  I purchased a Norfolk Terrier from you in 2008 from Ebay and I love it and have gotten so many compliments.
Thanks, Sheila

The great Dane topiary is great. It is definitely breed correct. Still in the 30's at night and I can hardly wait to get it planted. Thanks so much. Sue
Hi John,
 Just wanted to follow-up and let you know Zoey arrived a couple days ago and last night I had a chance to open the box and temporarily assemble her in the house. She took my breath away a bit and my eyes teared up. She is absolutely majestic, well done!
  With gratitude and Kudos to your talent and business for providing not only beauty, but comfort to many.
 Much appreciation,
The pup arrived Saturday safe and sound.
 I have her waiting inside the front door until planting. I was startled Saturday afternoon when I came around the corner, saw her, and wondered what the heck our IG was doing there! Later that day my husband did the same thing!
  Thanks so much.

 Good morning John,
yesterday the RR-Frame is arrived. It is unique, so great.
Thank so much.
Thanks also for the advice of plants.
We are so happy, thanks for such a great job
In my facebook, it is already in.                                                                          Have a wonderful and great day

Thank you, received it today and it is wonderful! Your a great artist!
Hello John,
I received today my Corgi this morning, in perfect condition. Brilliant work, perfect layout & measurements. Thank you for your service !
Have a nice day.
Cheers from France

Hi John,


Rocky is here!!!  He is amazingly life-like.  We could not be happier with your creation — you are truly gifted…
I’d be happy with him in the house just the way he is…but, my husband has plans to add plants and display him just outside our front dining room bay window…
Thank you again for everything — many blessings to you.
Warmest regards,
for Gary too!

I bought her your standing French Bulldog last year for Mother's Day and she LOVES it!!!

    The topiary frame arrived today--I love it!  My thanks

    I Got my Poodle..Oh my gosh ..It is huge!!! I love it, thanks..

 The rabbit arrived, and he is spectacular!  Can't wait to get going....The hopping rabbit is going to be great fun for my grandson
Our Westie and Corgi arrived safely this morning and are so beautiful and well-made! Your workmanship and delivery time is excellent. I will refer you to others. The Westie is wrapped and ready to give to my friend today.
I appreciate your quick turn around and look forward to working with you again. The product is wonderful.

I have several topiaries that I purchased from plantplay.  I use boxwoods that I buy locally.  They work very well.  I have the sitting cat, sitting rabbit, swan and hand (its cute!) doing very well.  Those frames have an open bottom, so the boxwood fits easily, and grows straight up.  I have the basset hound, bichon and a pig.  Those topiaries are shaped with legs (animals standing) and the boxwoods take more manipulation, but still I get good results.   I personally like the green wire.  It is less noticeable while the boxwood is growing to fill it.  In the future, any that I get with white wire, I am going to spray paint green. 
I have had a lot of fun with this.  Mine winter over with no special protection and receive very little, if no damage.  My rabbit and cat are all grown in completely.  The others are still growing.  I trim them with scissors about once a month.
Doing business with plantplay has been a pleasure.  Communication, payment and shipping is top notch.  I have recommended them to friends repeatedly, and plan to purchase more myself.  -Barbie

John... I received the frames and they are wonderful.  I love the ears
best.  Thank you.  I'll plant mine and all my dog friends will want one
too. -Stevie

Hi John!
Thank you for the very fast shipping of the pug topiary, I absolutely love it! What a wonderful likeness. Happy Holidays to you and yours. -Teri

I actually only finished one of the frames. It costs me over $100 in silk flowers and that was when I caught a great sale price. least i never have to trim them or water them!! lol
I wired and hot glued everything...working on it a few hours a night for about a week. It turned out great!!! My daughter's favorite flower is the hydrangea and she loves the color purple so that how I covered the frame. I'll probably wait until next year to do the one in the puppy cut but I'm sure it'll be just as exquisite. Although it was a little tedious...I did enjoy putting this together.
 You can show others this frame with the silk flowers....I bet more people would buy them if they knew of other options. I spoke to a poodle gal this afternoon who said she contacted you a while ago about poodle frames but she didn;t think she could maintain a "live" topiary....she saw my photo and just went nuts over it. -Lisa

I rather like the Swan..very Oxfordian and graceful...

John, you do the most amazing work....the corgi arrived yesterday...and it is spectacular...I am more than pleased...I am very very happy....I wish you great good fortune  -Kerry

Hi John
I just wanted to tell you that I got the squirrel and am very impressed, it
is great.  The picture on e-bay didnt do it justice, it is so well made and
i love it.  i cant wait to get plants in it.
Thank you
from one very happy person  -Julie

 I am very pleased with the scottie and westie toparies I recently got from you on e-bay... Sherry

Thank you so much for doing such a good job. I already had a compliment on them as soon as I put them out.  -Lisa

Your frames are such a delight!! Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us! - Colleen

WOW!!!!! they are absolutely perfect and i can hardly wait to plant them! thank you so much - Tracie

John, I received both the bulldog and the corgi yesterday. Thanks. Curiosity got the best of me so I opened the Corgi just now. I cannot believe how realistic he is. This is just awesome!  -Julie

Hi, I got a German Shepherd from you two years ago, we have had more comments about it. It has about four hundred clear twinkle lights on it and illuminates our ornamental pond. Just saying thanks again. By the way it is still in the same condition it arrived in.

 I got my squirrel yesterday.  My kids and I just love it.  I am going to put the moss all over the frame and then fill it with dirt.  I want to have the plants growing from it.  I saw a life size horse topiary planted that way.  It was wonderful  I am so excited to get this started.  I am going at lunch time today to pick up the moss.
 You did a beautiful job.  Thank You! -Ann

and WOW
I love this big guy!   It is perfect!  I had a family dinner last night
and 20 people were WOW-ED by it!
Can't wait to place it.  Lots of people walk in my neighborhood and
this dog will get lots of attention!
Thanks so very, very much.  Jane

Hello, A few years ago I bought a swan, rabbit, and cat from you. I am now selling begonias on ebay, and I used your topiarys with the pictures.  I thought you might get a kick out of them. If you have time let me know what you think, Jan

Hello John,
Just wanted to let you know that the frames made it in great shape.
They are just WONDERFUL!!!!
I appreciate your kindness and service so much.
Thanks very much,  Joni

 I just received the topiary and am just thrilled with it! It seems so well constructed and made with care. I just can't wait to get it started with something growing in it.Thanks for the great item, service and packaging.- Nancy

Hi John,
I received the frame today and it is absolutely fabulous!
Thank you again and again and again,
Sincerely, Liz

Hi John,
The collie topiary arrived today and all is well.  I cannot wait to put together and plant.
Thank you for such super service from beginning to end and for your kindness.
Best regards,  Angela

Hi John,
I don't remember if I wrote you after receiving the dog topiary,
things are crazy on this end. It is so fantastic...he looks ready to spring into action!  And
my friend who paints houses was exclaiming over the top
notch paint job.
I'm sure i'll be ordering another one or two but first i have to set
up the space.
Thanks again John.
best wishes,  joan

I just wanted you to know how much I LOVE my Standard Schnauzer frame!!!!!!!! You did a GREAT job!! THANK YOU!!!

Dear John,
 We received the poodle topiary today. It is beautiful and better than I ever anticipated it would be.  I can't wait to plant it.  Will have to wait tho' because we are relandscaping our yard.  I want to find the perfect spot, and then plant the perfect plants to best show it off. Thanks for you great work and great service.  Sherry

I just have a comment. SWEEEEEEET!!!!!  What a living memorial for all of my little buddies that are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

John,    The greyhound topiary frame arrived in good shape last week.  Over the weekend my wife and I put it together and strung it with Christmas lights.  Now we are the only ones in our neighborhood with a greyhound lawn ornament.  Thanks for making this transaction such a pleasure.  Best wishes for the Holidays,  Tom

Thank you for the update on the shipping of the cairns.I can’t wait to get them.My first one has been used for so many things from topiary, to orchid displays and on parade float decoration, to Christmas decorations.I have a lot of plans for this pair.Thanks

The topiary frames - papillion and chihuahua - have come and you do WONDERFUL work!!!  Thank you so very much!  Eleanor
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